Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed Releases the 2018/2019 Placement Results

NAIROBI, Monday, April 9, 2018

Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed has released the placement data for the 2018/2019 cycle. The data contains details of the courses and universities/colleges that the 2017 KCSE candidates and those from previous years have secured following their application for placement to degree, diploma and certificate programmes under Government sponsorship.

Addressing education stakeholders at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) in Nairobi while releasing the data, Amb. Mohamed noted that of the 69,151 candidates who scored C+ and above, the minimum mean grade required to join university, 62,851 were successfully placed to degree courses of their choice.

She further observed that 553 students who qualified for degree courses opted for diploma courses and were placed to programmes of their choice.

Further, 5,747 students out of the 69,151 candidates who scored C+ and above have not secured placement. "Of these, 2,128 did not apply at all, while 3,619 applied but could not competitively secure placement," she noted.

"I call upon the Placement Service to reach out to these candidates and give them a chance to apply for courses of their choice."

In addition, 100,906 students scored between  C plain and C- in the 2017 KCSE examination, hence were eligible for placement to diploma courses. Of these, 28,866 applied for diploma courses and were duly placed to courses of their choice.

Those who have secured courses but wish to transfer to other programmes will be given a one-month window - between  1st May and 30th May, 2018 - to explore alternative options.

All the successful applicants have been informed of their courses through direct SMS and may also login to the student's portal to view their placement status.