Are you getting an error message when submitting your MPesa transaction code?

The last step in submitting your course choices during the ongoing application/revision of degree/diploma/certificate choices is the payment of an application fee via MPesa.

When you submit your MPesa transaction code and receive an error message (Payment Not Found), you need to do the following:

  1. After making the MPesa payment, wait for about 5 minutes before submitting the code. This allows the payment to be reflected in the KUCCPS system.
  2. Ensure that you make payment to the correct student account (this and other payment instructions are provided by the system when you submit programme codes in the application portal).
  3. When submitting the MPesa transaction code, ensure you do not type letter O instead of zero, or number 1 instead of capital letter I, or vice versa. Ensure you enter the correct MPesa transaction code.
  4. In case you discover that you made an erroneous payment to the KUCCPS account, for example, if you used a wrong account number, then you need to apply for a reversal of the transaction. Do this by sending an email to providing the following details:
  • Transaction code that you want reversed
  • Phone number used to make payment
  • Date of transaction
  • Amount

Note: The deadline for submitting your application/revised course choices is tomorrow (February 14, 2018) at midnight.