St. Mary’s High School Lushangonyi Career Mentorship and Teacher Sensitisation Forum 2018

Friday, May 4, 2018
J. Gichinga, C. Sabato, P. Gatumu, J. Mutuku

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service continues with the student career guidance and teacher sensitisation programme countrywide.

St. Mary’s High School Lushangonyi in Taita-Taveta County hosted the forum on May 5, 2018, where students got an opportunity to learn about available training opportunities in Kenyan universities and colleges.

The Placement Service officers sensitised them on the role of the placement agency in linking secondary school students with the institutions offering degree, diploma and certificate courses of their choice. The officers also made presentations on the entry requirements for various courses; cluster subjects; cut-off points; revision of course choices and the placement application process and procedure.

The career teacher sensitisation sought to enable them to understand various concepts and procedures relating to the placement process including: available opportunities for candidates who score a mean grade of C and below; the revised placement criteria; affirmative action; government sponsorship to students in private universities; the application procedure; the advantage of applying for courses through the school; and weighted cluster points.

The teacher sensitisation programme aims at improving the capacity of career teachers and departments to effectively undertake their role in helping students to align their studies to their career aspirations.

Teachers and students from three neighbouring schools took part in the forum. The invited schools were Mwafuga High School, St. John’s Secondary School and Dr. Aggrey High School, with a total of eight teachers participating.

About the School

St. Mary’s High School Lushangonyi is located about 15 kilometres from Mwatate Town in Taita-Taveta County. It is a boys’ boarding school with a population of more than 400 students.